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The Best and Unique Affiliate program, (Automated Cash Donation System)

Transform Your Life & the Lives of Others… through the Art of Caring

*” Affiliate Registration Is Here!”*

The MCC’S 2020 eBook Sells for $34.95 and Is Entitled:

 See how it works 

Listen to this 1-800-309-3440

Learn How to Stop Working for Money,

and Let Your Money Work for You!

YES, this New System is 100% completed! This Awesome System is built as a Fail-Proof System – meaning that, ALL active Affiliate/Members (those who qualify with no less than 3 personal sales), will be assured of receiving Cash Bonuses of up-to more than $500,000, regardless of your 3 personally qualifying sales qualifies or not!

This, is the most powerful one-of-its-kind, Automated Cash Bonus System ever to be devised! So Have your 3

qualifying sales Affiliates ready to come on board by early next week.

The “early bird” catches the Cash Bonuses!

placement position!

Keep In Mind That There Is NO Recruiting or Sponsoring Required!

Here Is an Example of How This Is Going to Work:

After you make 3 personal sales, there is nothing more to do! However, the more sales you continue to make, the faster your group sales will grow!!

When you, as an Affiliate/Member, make 3 personal sales, and a TOTAL of (12) Group Sales, you will qualify as a Bronze Sales Affiliate, and be paid a Cash Bonus as per MCC’S Compensation Plan below:

Note: ALL sales will be distributed to the next open slot, although you will be credited for your initial 3 “qualifying” sales.

There will be No Personal Teams. Each sale will not necessarily fall under or be credited to you, but be placed in the next available open slot. ALL will benefit as New Sales are made by All Affiliate/Members:

MCC’s Unique Pay-it-Forward Formula

See how it works 


Introducing MCC’s New Booster Package


If you want to  qualify to receive Cash Bonuses, you can now have
it done for you, when you buy an MCC Booster Package.

Once you purchase an Ad Booster Package, you will join MCC’s Worldwide Cooperative Marketing Campaign, and receive your 3 Qualifying Sales!

In addition, you will receive FREE Bonus Products:

  1. An informative Self-Help eBook
  2. A High in Demand Native American Health Product (Wild Shiaga), which includes free S&H.
  3. A Cash Bonus of $15,000, per Ad package, (20 Ad Package limit)
  4. Additional Surprise Cash Bonuses for Active Participants

You can purchase your MCC Booster Package NOW!

Simply log in to your back office and choose how many packages you would like by clicking on the dropdown menu, and then the “Purchase Booster” button.

Next: Click on the Payment Method drop-down menu. Currently, you can only use your credit or debit card. DO NOT choose PayPal. You will then receive an email confirmation after you complete your purchase.

Should you encounter any issues, please send an email to njeri1738@gmail.com

See You On Inside

Disclaimer: The MAJESTIC CARES COMMUNITY, OR MCC, AND ITS AFFILIATES, Are a Private Online Fund-Raising Community, and this information, as well as the information contained in the E-book, are for illustration purposes only, with no promises or guarantees of income. Neither the owners, administrators, subsidiaries, nor the Affiliate/Members of the Majestic Cares Community, make no income guarantees.