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Coop5050 How It Works

 Your success begins with the system. If you start with a great system your chances of success will be great – if you start with a bad system you will only get you bad results.

 Coop5050 is a 2 x 2 peer-to-peer crowdfunding system and 100% of every donation goes to you the participants;

 You always receive 50% and the other 50% goes to a teammate.

 Coop5050 is transparent, fully automated and can’t be manipulated. There is no middleman and you immediately receive all your money to put towards any purpose you choose!

Begin Where You Fit In

You begin where you fit in! There are 8 levels and your ultimate goal is to be on all 8 wheelhouses because you will receive $23,925 every month by cycling just once!

That’s $287,100 annually with minimal effort. Imagine doing that 2 or 3 or more times a month, it’s possible and easily doable!

The Wheelhouse Levels


You Receive

Just Once = $23,925 Every Month!

6 Ways To Receive Donations!

We Each Do A Little To All Receive A Lot!

So many ways to receive!
The donations might never stop coming in! Join Now

It’s Just 3 Simple Doable Steps!

Step – 1

Register and become an Active Donor by making a donation(s).

Step – 2

You help 2 or more to become Active Donors.

Step – 3

Your 2 or more each help 2 or more to become Active Donors.

Just 2 And You’re Even Forever!

You Always Get 50%!

You invite #1 and immediately receive 50%

#1 invite #2 you and #1 each receive 50% making you even forever!

If you invite 2 or 200 friends you will always receive 50% over and over again!

One-Of-A-Kind Mobius Loop
Super Technology!

You Never Lose Your Team!

Each and every time your Wheelhouse fills with 6 Active Donors another automatically re-opens for you to receive another 6 donations without additional effort or qualifications!

The Mobius Loop ensures you always follow your inviter and your team always follows you!Join Now

Everything Is Automated!

You Invite, We Ignite!

  •  Automated Positioning
  •  Automated sending and receiving
  •  Automated re-entry
  •  Automated suspend and un-suspend
  •  Automated email sending
  •  Automatic history

So Many Benefits!

  •  One-time out of pocket
  •  Receive donations immediately
  •  Receive Simultaneously from all wheelhouses
  •  Receive an unlimited amount donations
  •  Receive an unlimited amount money
  •  Global fundraising territory

Your Fastest Way To Wealth!

What You Get!

  •  Your own personalized crowdfunding site
  •  Your own personalized real-time dashboard
  •  Your own decentralized private wallet
  •  Your Own Tools
  •  Support

All The support you require for success!

Getting Started Is Easy!

You can use over 150 FIAT currencies and over 100 crypto currencies to get started.

Click the JOIN US button and complete the fields

Choose your level(s)

Confirm & Pay

The best way to get started is by using our decentralized private wallet, that way your donations will be automatically be send and marked received.

Start Receiving Today and Never Stop!

Money when you want it!


We do it for the fund of it!

FollowFunding Connecting Dreams and Changing Lives

You Always Get Half! The World's Fastest and More Rewarding System Join 50/50 Crowd funding And Start Receiving Funds.... https://coop5050.com/38229965/

Welcome to FollowFunding,

Your DREAMS are the PRODUCT, making them a REALITY is our service!

Spend your life working on your own dreams, or your life will expire working on the dreams of others!

   Pay It Forward

Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, you can’t create a campaign AKA a “Dreamscape” at FollowFunding until you’ve donated money or effort to other platform users. This makes us a platform comprised entirely of donors.

Get Connected

Your donations fund not only one Dreamscape, but are shared with connected Dreamscapes, in what we call the Dreamstream.

Any donations to your Dreamscape are shared with Dreamscapes connected to yours.

This is why our tagline is: Connecting Dreams And Changing Lives.

Large or Small

Your Dreamscape can be anything you like…

Start a small business, go on a dream vacation, cover medical bills, and renovate your home…

…whatever you can imagine, our community of donators can help make it a reality.


Receive 8-Figures In Cash Bonuses

From the Comfort of Your Home!

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Receive up to

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Receive Free Bonus Products

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Our High in Demand Native American Health Product

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Receive Additional Surprise Cash Bonuses


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Unique, One of Its Kind, Cash Bonus System!

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About a unique, One of Its Kind, Cash Bonus System!

 How exactly does the MCC Cash Bonus System Work? See how it works

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When you register as an MCC Sales Affiliate and agree to make 3 personal sales of the eBook entitled, which“Stop Working For Money and Let Your Money Work For You,”  sells for $34.95, (and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee), you would then be entered into MCC’S unique, One of Its Kind, Cash Bonus System!

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All you need is a debit or visa card to buy an ebook at $34.95 and Cash Bonus payout structure, and synchronizing your e-Wallets to the financial

institution of your choice, such as a Payoneer account to receive your payments.

Register your Payoneer account using this link. It’s worldwide

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Introducing MCC’s New Booster Package


If you want to  qualify to receive Cash Bonuses, you can now have
it done for you, when you buy an MCC Booster Package.

Once you purchase an Ad Booster Package, you will join MCC’s Worldwide Cooperative Marketing Campaign, and receive your 3 Qualifying Sales!

In addition, you will receive FREE Bonus Products:

  1. An informative Self-Help eBook
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  3. A Cash Bonus of $15,000, per Ad package, (20 Ad Package limit)
  4. Additional Surprise Cash Bonuses for Active Participants

You can purchase your MCC Booster Package NOW!

Simply log in to your back office and choose how many packages you would like by clicking on the dropdown menu, and then the “Purchase Booster” button.

Next: Click on the Payment Method drop-down menu. Currently, you can only use your credit or debit card. DO NOT choose PayPal. You will then receive an email confirmation after you complete your purchase.

Should you encounter any issues, please send an email to majesticares365@gmail.com



The MAJESTIC CARES COMMUNITY, OR MCC AND ITS AFFILIATES, is an online Sales Affiliate Community. This information, as well as the information contained in our publications, is for illustration purposes only, with no promises or guarantees of income. Neither the administrators, subsidiaries nor the Affiliate/Members of the Majestic Cares Community, make no income guarantees.

See how it works

Listen to this brief message and please tell me what you think? 1-800-309-3440." In Spanish: https://youtu.be/mgt0y3l7gGEEnter your text here...

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